Your business is exactly that: Your business. No one will know better what you need and what’s going on with it than you. Your commitment to add value to your customers
Sometime you will experience the exhilaration of growth and riding the wave will take the focus off the associated dangers. Other times you will hit a slump in a slow market and have to make new plans to get momentum again. In both these times you need to know how to handle the season.
You might be thinking of starting a new venture or there will come a time when you want to exit the business you built. You will wonder if it’s time to expand or you will worry that your legacy will be in place for the next generation.
We at TSBA set up, train and consult you to implement tools to empower you to control your business better. We work with you to understand the dynamics in your market (front-end) and to manage various risk of compliance (back-office). We guide you to keep up with all the stuff that seems far from your focus, but often neglected, indirectly impacts the welfare of your business.
You can concentrate on marketing, technical and operations, while we focus on finance, payroll, legal and admin.
TSBA is a small business as well, so we only recommend tools that we use ourselves and have tested in our environment. We keep on the forefront of technology and collaborate with software developers to bring relevant solutions to clients on our terms.
Our ideal clients are sole proprietors, single director companies, first generation and second generation family businesses. Bigger clients have accounting and legal departments so the synergy of having a one-stop-shop is diluted.
We set up our clients’ entity structure for optimal tax using legal avenues like trusts, private companies, turnover tax (entry level ventures), small business corporations (legal and tax), micro-business (external financing) and shareholder agreements (internal relationships). We don’t believe in trying to fix tax problems with scheming and going back in time, but making sure the tail doesn’t wag the dog. We also believe the biggest wolf blowing at your door is not the Receiver of Revenue… call us today to find out who really is the Big Bad Wolf.